Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#LoveWins But The Trolls Are Out

Over the past few days I have naturally tweeted and posted a lot about the historic decision by the Supreme Court in the United States, to extend the right to marriage to same sex couples across the entire country. With that I have received tweets back and retweets from across the globe from like minded people, joining me and other LGBT+ people in celebration.

The history of last Friday will never be forgotten, it's something future generations will look back on as a milestone in the fight for LGBT+ rights. But with the like minded people, naturally there have been those with a less liberal/tolerant view of the SCOTUS decision...

I have the greatest of respect for religion and people's right to follow their religion and worship accordingly, but I am sick of religion constantly being used to back up prejudice and outright ignorance. The way that the teachings in the bible are warped, to suit the offensive views of bigoted individuals is not just offensive to the LGBT+ community but offensive to the religious community (many of whom identify as LGBT+), most of which are welcoming to change in the interests of fairness and equality.

I've debated many times, trying to educate, but it has always fallen on deaf ears, I have been called unnatural, sinful, sick and at the worst a paedophile, just because of my sexuality. This highlights the ongoing fight that LGBT+ people face, as I mentioned in my blog post "After SCOTUS" now is the time to celebrate, but not become complacent, the LGBT+ movement still has a long way to go, the fight is by no means over.

As I was debating with someone from the United States earlier this week, I was told by him that same sex couples shouldn't be able to marry because the whole point of marriage is to procreate and of course (though, my lord we keep trying) same sex couples can't naturally have children, as if we didn't already know that. Lets just say the moment when I asked the question "If that's the case, then shouldn't heterosexual couples who can't conceive be banned from getting married?" I was told by this individual that my point wasn't relevant. Which of course is complete nonsense and clearly shows his true colours, he is simply a homophobe. It's nothing to do with religion or belief, it's just pure prejudice.

Away from religion the faceless individual said that only 2% of the American populous are LGBT+, firstly I have no idea where his figures come from, and secondly his comments are flawed from the outset. How can it be fair that just because a section of society represent a small proportion of a countries population, that they deserve to be treated with any less respect and humanity than anyone else? Every life should be important, minorities don't deserve to simply be tossed aside and forgotten about, treated as less important or second class citizens.

I suppose all we can do is keep trying to educate, continue the debate and hope that eventually common sense and fairness will prevail. But my top tip - if you're in a debate and it's going nowhere just send a picture of two guys or two girls kissing with the hash tag #LoveWins, that seems to stop them in their tracks! The bigots can't stand it.... ;)


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