Thursday, 10 November 2016

Election 2016: The aftermath begins

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times
It's little over 24 hours since Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Presidential Election and that he would become the 45th POTUS, an outcome which nobody, including many of Trump's own supporters didn't expect. Shock was apparently visible across the political establishment, with some journalists in Westminster saying many MP's simply could not find the words, the shock was so raw in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Last night anti-Trump demonstrations took place across the United States, with some burning flags and and saying they would refuse to accept the result. As much as the election of Donald has left a bad taste in my mouth, I am not of the view that the result should not be accepted. At the end of the day, as painful as it may be he has been democratically elected by the American people. In my view those supporters have dug their own grave and should therefore lie in it. Trump will be the maker of his own downfall over the next 4 years.

In Manhattan thousands of protesters marched towards Trump Tower, while in Chicago police had to setup blockades in order to stop 1,800 protestors from reaching the front of the Trump International Hotel. Violent unrest was reported in Oakland in Florida, a state responsible for giving Mr Trump 29 electoral votes, with 6,000 protestors smashing the front of shops there.

To the West of the United States, in California which gave all 55 of its electoral votes to Hillary Clinton, protestors defended on downtown Los Angeles. the 101 Freeway in L.A. was closed as a result and protestors there decided to burn an effigy of Donald Trump's head.

And unsurprisingly social media exploded with anti-Trump sentiment and the hash tag #NotMyPresident soon started to trend in the United States...

The language of the day (November 9th) had been towards unity, with Trump himself saying he would be "President for all Americans", his opponent Hillary Clinton added to the sentiment of unity, saying she wished President Elect Trump the best of luck and that he deserved an "open mind" from the American people.

All of this talk of unity was all well and good but these protests hardly come as a surprise, after an 18 month divisive campaign full of disarray, disunity and in some cases putting sections of society against one another, all of that doesn't just go away because the election has been decided.

Interesting a lot of those pledges that Donald Trump made may not actually happen, despite the fact he has been elected. One of his key divisive "policies" was his plan to stop all Muslims from entering the United States, he made the pledge after the San Bernardino, California shooting in December last year, in which 14 people were killed. That pledge was on the Trump website on November 8th, then it was removed on November 9th.

I think we are doing to see a very different approach from President Trump, compared to Trump on the campaign trail. He has used hatred and division to get elected and I personally think bears responsibility for the violence being seen across America. This is the America that the 2016 campaign has created. Yes, those divisions have always been there, but the campaign has brought those divisions out in the ugliest of ways.

Personally, I think this is just be the beginning of the protests, which will continue on up until inauguration day in January, and then continue throughout the Trump administration.

President Elect Trump is expected to meet outgoing Democratic President Barack Obama later today. Obama will discuss the transition of power with Trump, after being the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the last 8 years. Personally, and this is a prediction, I think the Donald should potentially watch out for a Michelle Obama White House bid in 2020.

We have entered the age of a Donald Trump Presidency and I think it's safe to say the aftermath has only just begun.

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