Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Election Night: Florida

Florida is an absolutely crucial state and the early indicates are in as to how the state has voted in this election. You will remember the controversy over Florida in 2000 when George W. Bush faced Al Gore for the Presidency and the subsequent legal challenges and claims of rigging.

Around 12:15am (GMT) I started seeing exit polling data showing 2% of the vote from Florida showing Trump on 59% of the vote with Clinton somehow on 30%. This briefly terrified me until I saw data from 10% of the vote count with Clinton on 48.3% and Trump on 47.2%.

As the count continued just before 1am UK time Hillary was ahead by 2.7% in the state with 71% of the vote counted. This certainly helped ease my concerns of a Trump victory and the Clinton campaign commented to say they were feeling easier about the state.

But the drama of the state continued as 89% of the vote was counted Trump was ahead by just TWENTY EIGHT (28) votes.

The result:

Ultimately Donald Trump has taken this crucial state according to Fox News, though they're the only news outlet who're declaring that.

Pair that with North Carolina which has also gone for Trump and many are preparing for Donald to be the next President of the United States.

However at of 4:10am (GMT) Clinton had won the following states putting her ahead in the electoral college: Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, California.

Meanwhile Trump has also won the state of Idaho. It's looking like Trump's night but Democrats maintain that Clinton could still pull it off.

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