Thursday, 3 November 2016

Enterprise: Helping my Clients

During the past few days for my enterprise idea I have really been thinking about my potential clients, who I am hoping would be attracted to my idea and taking advantage of my service.

See my previous blog posts, listed at the bottom of this one for further information on what my entrepreneurial idea is.

Essentially it is a social media consultancy, consisting of a blog/website with journalistic driven content, backed up through social media channels.

The content would relate to a social issue and used to enhance the profile of a company who's goal is to raise awareness of that issue and/or have a product to sell in relation to it.

The big question for me going forward has been - how will this help my clients? What will I offer them that will relieve the pain of any barriers they may be facing?

I will use the example of Care Protect to illustrate this, as they will be my trial first client.

1, What motivates my potential clients?

For Care Protect, they want to increase sales of their CCTV surveillance service, especially for use in nursing homes, including in the bedrooms of residents. They want to promote the product and hope more health care providers will come on board with the idea.

2, What are their problems?

First and foremost making the sales, convincing health care providers to come on board and subscribe to the product.

In the past the company has tried cold calling and emailing but it has had very minimal success, the same can be said for mobile sales people who have went out to pitch the product.

This is where I believe a new approach is necessary.

3, How will you solve market problems with your service?

With my social media consultancy I will create engaging content which goes far beyond typical advertising. The content produced for the consultancies website/blog will be journalistic and in depth and really bring to life the social issues, which support the merits of what Care Protect have to offer.

Yes I would, as part of the service I offer, approach potential customers for Care Protect, the difference being I will have some truly unique content, which won't come across as a typical sales pitch.

The customer will feel like they're reading a news website/blog rather than a piece of material designed to sell Care Protect, though that will of course be the overall intention.

My hope is the content will be engaging and really bring to life the issue, and that this will in turn spur the potential customers interest and make them more likely to want to do business with Care Protect.

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(Context of post - Part of my studies at Birmingham City University on the MA Social Media course)

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