Thursday, 10 November 2016

President Elect Trump meets President Obama

Images most of us thought we would never see, Donald Trump meeting President Barack Obama in the Oval Office as President Elect of the United States. The reality of what America decided on Tuesday has now fully set in.

The meeting of the pair in the White House is actually the first time the pair have met. Both have been less than kind in the past, with Obama going as far as to say Donald Trump was "unfit to be President".

Trump has even went as far as to question whether Obama was an American citizen in the past, asking him repeatedly to produce his birth certificate, claims Trump went back on in a statement a few months ago.

In a press photo call after the meeting the mood was extremely positive from both of the men, Trump even said that Obama had achieved some "wonderful things" in office. Donald Trump has certainly changed since election night, we are seeing a new man compared to the one we have witnessed on the campaign trail for the past 18 months.

Out of all the tweets I have seen about the meeting, this one from Sky News journalist Kay Burley has got to be my favourite:

Though the meeting was positive it has been pointed out that usually there is a photograph with the President, President elect and their partners on their first meeting. That did not happen in this case. So not all friendly, if that is anything deliberate on the part of Trump or Obama.

Meanwhile President Elect Trump has also been to the Capitol Building in Washington to meet House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was the most senior elected Republican until Trump's election as President.

I'm going to miss Obama, but watch out for an Obama in 2020, I stand by it, Michelle should run against Trump in four years time.

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