Thursday, 10 November 2016

President Trump: Twitter blackout

As the election aftermath continues, American citizens refusing to accept that their new President Elect is Donald J. Trump, have decided to take visible action on social networking website Twitter.

Users have decided to change their profile pictures, cover photo and background to black.

They've been using the hash tag #TwitterBlackout and some supporters of Hillary Clinton have adopted the hash tag #ImStillWithHer.

And arguably why should they accept the result? After all the latest count of the votes (yes some votes are still being counted) show that Clinton may have got over 1.5 million MORE votes than Donald Trump. But with how the American electoral college system works, the candidate who gets more in the electoral college wins the White House.

The idea is that protesters can band together in unity and show that they will not accept Donald Trump as President. Civil unrest rocked the streets of the United States last night, with thousands protesting the new President Elect, the hash tag #NotMyPresident soon started trending as well.

It seems that minorities in particular are panicked at the prospect of the Trump administration.

Meanwhile Donald Trump himself is meeting with outgoing President Obama at the White House to discuss the transition of power.

From a UK perspective British Prime Minister Theresa May has spoken to Trump on the phone, in which he said he wanted her to visit the US "as soon as possible".

And...UKIP MEP's have said Nigel Farage should become the UK's ambassador to the United States (yes really), see their open letter below...

I think at this point many of us can be excused for thinking the World has gone absolutely mad.

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