Saturday, 12 November 2016

Trump supporters outraged by protests

Image credit: CNN
Protests have continued in the United States following Donald Trump's victory on Tuesday over Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election. This has sparked yet more debate online and abusive back and fourths between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters.

Trump supporters are quite ironically criticising some of the more violent protests against Trump's election. Considering the divisive and hateful campaign that Mr Trump ran I find it absolutely laughable that Trump supporters would be so repulsed by vandalism and hateful speech directed towards the President Elect.

In case, like the Trump Train you've got a short memory and have forgotten all of his hatred, here is a compilation of SOME of the occasions Trump has incited violence, this includes the time he said he would pay the legal fees if someone assaulted a Hillary supporter:

This is a small snapshot of the hateful campaign that Trump ran. Remember the time he said that "maybe the second amendment people" could do something about Hillary, insinuating that someone should maybe, I don't know, shoot her (very diplomatic).

Don't get me wrong Trump's behaviour does not call for some of the violent clashes we have seen in recent days, I am a strong believer in peaceful protest, I just find it quite fresh that Donald Trump supporters are so outraged considering the rhetoric of the past 18 months. It's just unbelievable, violent protests can't be tolerated but voting for an intolerant, racist bigot to settle down in the White House is totally fine.

I have no doubt the protests will continue right up to and on Inauguration Day on January 20, and for the full 4 years of the Trump Presidency (if he lasts that long) - most of my Twitter followers don't think he will last 4 years, with 45% thinking he will get impeached...

During one of my many run in's with Trump supporters on Twitter, I actually made the point that the protests could continue for 4 years. The Trump supporter wasn't too pleased with this, saying that it was ridiculous and wrong. How can it be wrong? We live in a Democracy, and though Mr. Trump I'm sure would prefer some sort of North Korean inspired landscape, that is not the case and if people want to protest Trump for 4 years they bloody well can.

I just hope that these protests take the form of peaceful action, which has been mainly the case since Tuesday, but of course it is the violence that gets the media coverage, as a journalist I'm afraid its just a fact of the media that "Peaceful protest occurs" just isn't a strong headline and won't get the prominence of reporting that the violence does (but that's a whole other debate).

Meanwhile President Elect Trump has given his first interview following the shock election result to CBS's 60 Minutes, which will air tomorrow. In the interview it has already been revealed that in the interview Trump says he will keep parts of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), despite calling it one of the worst parts of Obama's Presidency during the campaign, the Trump Train WILL NOT be impressed.

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