Thursday, 29 December 2016

Debbie Reynolds tragically dies just one day after her daughter

After Carrie Fisher was taken from us too soon on Tuesday, the tragedy of the week continued into Wednesday as it was announced that her mother Debbie Reynolds had passed away.

The news broke yesterday evening (UK time) that the actress, famous for her roles in iconic films such as 'Singin' In The Rain' had been rushed to hospital, after falling ill at an address in Beverly Hills.

At first information was extremely vague with celebrity news outlet TMZ reporting her condition was "fair to serious", I'm no doctor but that statement says absolutely nothing really, as fair and serious are at two different sides of the spectrum.

Then at just before 2am (UK time) this morning, the news broke that Debbie Reynolds had in fact died following a stroke.

Her son Todd made a heartbreaking statement shortly after, in which he simply said "She's with Carrie".

Here's one of Debbie Reynolds most famous scenes...
The video now has 3.5 million views on YouTube, I'm not sure what it was previously, but I'm going to guess it has shot up since Reynolds' death.

During her career Reynolds was nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes, among other nominations, in 1965 she was nominated for the 'Best Actress' Oscar for her part in 'The Unmistakable Molly Brown'.

Though the cause of death was medically a stroke many have said that the heartbreak of losing a child has just been too much for Reynolds to bare, with her death coming just over 24 hours after that of Carrie Fisher.

It's thought that Reynolds was with Todd Fisher planning Carrie's funeral when she took ill.

It has been a truly sad few days in the celebrity World, with the death of George Michael on Christmas Day at the age of 53, and now the loss of these two Hollywood icons.

One can only imagine what Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher must be going through right now, losing her mother, and her grandmother in the space of 24 hours.

Fellow stars have taken to social media to voice their support for Lourd who plays Chanel #3 in the TV series 'Scream Queens'.

Ariana Grande said "I love you so very much @praisethelourd, my heart is with you & your family".

Taylor Lautner said about Lourd "This girl is one of the strongest, most fearless individuals I've ever met. Absolutely beautiful inside and out. I'm lucky to know you".

Meanwhile tributes have continued to pour in for Carrie Fisher, with Star Wars fan creating their own star on the Hollywood 'Walk of Fame' with her, as Fisher does not currently have an official one. The home made plaque reads "Carrie Fisher. May the force be with you."
I think many will be pleased to see the back of this year, which has been particular bad for high profile celebrity deaths, with the likes of David Bowie, Prince and countless others also passing away.

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