Thursday, 22 December 2016

Doubts over YouTuber who claims he was the victim of Islamophobia

Yesterday news broke via social media that YouTubers Adam Saleh had been removed from a Delta Airlines flight, for speaking a few words in Arabic. (see my initial article - HERE)

Saleh began filming as he and his friend were being escorted off the flight which was travelling from London to New York City.

In the video Saleh says he is being kicked off the flight for speaking a foreign language, as fellow passengers wave, say goodbye and hurl insults, one passenger comes to the defence of Saleh and his friend, saying he was disgusted.

Saleh and his friend had to get a later flight and arrived back in New York, in the evening eastern United States time.

Delta then released a statement saying they had spoken to passengers, when the flight arrived back in New York, which Saleh was originally on - Delta said that up to 20 passengers had expressed "discomfort" which is why Saleh was kicked off the flight.

Here's the full statement from Delta..
It should be noted that no direct quotes from passengers, or names have been provided to support this statement.

Many took to social media commenting that Saleh was well known for posting pranks and in a past, YouTube video had purposely posted a video of himself on a plane, counting down in Arabic.

To me, this says more about our society than anything else! Yes Saleh was taking part in a joke but surely it shouldn't be an issue for someone to speak in Arabic on a plane? Maybe that's the point Saleh was trying to make. I'm not defending him here just playing devils advocate.

Other users have also started posting some of his previous tweets, including some from April 2013, in which he claimed one of the Boston Marathon bombers was innocent. In the past he has also tweeted to say he believes the September 11th terrorist attack was an "inside job".

When his plane arrived back in New York, Adam Saleh posted the following statement to his social media profiles...

When this news broke I was slightly skeptical but more on the side of Saleh than I was of Delta. But I was very cautious not to completely condemn Delta, as my article stated "YouTuber CLAIMS", as we didn't have both sides of the story at that point, we only saw 1 minute of footage of what happened AFTER he was asked to leave the aircraft.

Don't get me wrong, Saleh's previous form, being that of a prankster, doesn't exactly give him fantastic credibility, however neither does the past form of Delta Airlines! Just in August of this year a Muslim couple were kicked off a Delta flight for "sweating" saying the word "Allah" and texting, when passengers expressed discomfort.

However in November on the run up to the Presidential Election a Donald Trump supporter was allowed to shout abuse and call female passengers "Hillary Bitches", without even being so much as challenged by airline staff, never mind thrown off the flight.

With this in mind, the viewing public are left with a very unclear, messy picture, Saleh has said he is speaking to his attorney regarding the matter, and to me the only way this can be settled is in court.

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