Friday, 9 December 2016

Trump and Alt-right supporters want people to #DumpStarWars

Donald Trump has targeted plenty of people during his divisive campaign and after, from disabled people to women, and now his supporters have another target - Star Wars.

The online protest started with the hash tag #DumpStarWars, an idea encourage by 'alt-right' who are one of the newest racists movements of white supremacists to infect the Earth.

They basically want people to boycott the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, when it hits cinema next week (December 15 in the UK).

They're unhappy with the so called "anti-white agenda" of the film's scriptwriter Chris Weitz.

It comes after Weitz and several others working on the film placed safety pins on their social media profiles.

The pins are being used as a symbol of solidarity following Trump's election win in November, as a way to reject the rising Islamaphobia, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments that have arisen as a result of one of the most divided election campaigns in US history.

To me I think it's just a case of the Star Wars universe being too much for these small minded people to handle. The film features a strong female lead, which I bet is a lot for them to handle all at once!

I feel Trump and alt-right supporters would get a lot out identification from the film though, what with the Empire's attitude of wanting to be supreme overlords of the galaxy, for conformity, and against any kind of multiculturalism and diversity.

But lets be clear, to me, any Trump supporter who thinks this film is about them needs to seriously get over themselves, and get some perspective. The film is a work of science fiction to be enjoyed, nothing more, I think the film makers have far too much creativity to have to stoop to looking towards the Donald Trump or alt-right movement for ideas.

Here are some of my favourite responses to this nonsense...

Rogue One hits cinemas on December 15th in the UK, and a day later in the United States.

So why not #DumpHate and go and get your tickets booked!

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  1. The fact that the Nazi's are not going to see this movie makes it more appealing we need to SHUN Nazi's until we can crush their movement in Trumps America before we have politicians voting on containment camps for dissenters and then ovens for the bodies later. Fascism can not be allowed to seed or grow in this bastion of Democracy!