Thursday, 12 January 2017

LGBT+ Research Project: I need your help!

As part of my University masters degree I am doing a research project looking into LGBT+ activism on social media.

I'm looking to interview LGBT+ people who use social media as a platform to fight for rights, raise awareness and organise action to combat homophobia, transphobia and other discrimination against LGBT+ people.

Whether you're someone with millions, thousands or even just a handful of followers on social media, your insight would be valuable to this research project.

My research question is:

How does social media help LGBT+ people be activists?

The idea is to get to the core of how social media helps LGBT+ people engage with like minded people, and how this contributes to an online LGBT+ movement.

All it will involve is answering a few questions about how you utilise social media. I am looking to send the questions via email, as I would like to tailor the questions to each individual who decides to take part (this is more in depth than a survey and questions will vary person to person).

I am looking to follow up some of the email interviews with a Skype/video call interview with a selection of responders, but this is not essential, so if you wouldn't be willing to do a video interview, don't be put off doing the email interview part.

If you're interested just drop me an email - and include your name, location and a link to your social media profile(s). The questions will follow within 24/48 hours of your email being received.


How will my information be handled (who will see it)?

-Your information will be seen by me, my tutor at Birmingham City University, and possibly an external moderator. If you wish to remain anonymous, there will be an option to do so, this will be when you send your question responses back to me via email. There will be a question on the form which asks if you wish to remain anonymous.

The research MAY be shared publicly online at a later date, however each individual research participant would be contacted for permission before hand and nothing would be published without your prior consent.

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