Monday, 30 January 2017

Thousands across the UK protest Trump's travel ban

Tonight I attended an anti-Donald Trump protest in Birmingham City Centre, after the US President hit a new low over the weekend, putting into place a travel ban.

You can get a real sense of the scale of the protest by checking out my Periscope video which I did whilst I was at the demonstration - HERE

Hundreds attended the Birmingham protest, with thousands of others attending protests across the UK, including in Scotland, Wales, London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and many other locations.

After just over a week in office Trump barred citizens from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

In response a petition was started calling on the UK to cancel Donald Trump's state visit set for late this year, the petition has got 1.5 million signatures in just a couple of days.

But the British Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to back down over the issue, saying the invitation for Trump's visit still stands, leading many to label her "Theresa the appeaser".

Earlier in the day May had said she was "very happy" to extend the invitation to Trump on behalf of the Queen.

As a British citizen I am disgusted that our Prime Minister would display such weakness, putting worries over trade deals ahead of standing up for our values. May is ignoring the outrage of the British public and coming across as nothing more than a weak leader, valuing Trump more than the British citizens who she should be serving.

Following the huge response to the petition, which is now the 2nd most signed petition on the Parliament website, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was called to the House of Commons.

Johnson delivered a statement to the Commons in which he seemed to say it was okay because it would make no difference to any British passport holder, going on to say that the ban was temporary. Yes he called it "divisive" on Sunday, but his words are cheap, what we need is actual action.

The tactic seemed to be to play down the significance of the executive order, in an attempt to cover up the cowardice of the British government over the entire situation.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper blasted him, saying his statement was "not good enough", adding "for the sake of history have the guts to speak out".

Meanwhile Green MP Caroline Lucas also weighed in, after Johnson claimed Theresa May was the first world leader to condemn the travel ban, a claim Lucas called "fake news", as May took two days to come out and condemn the ban, and even then her statement was extremely weak.

The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron attended a protest outside Downing Street commenting "tonight we are all united in saying that the red carpet should not be rolled out for Donald Trump on a State Visit to Britain. It would be utterly wrong to do so just days after his closing of US boarders to refugees and speaking out in favour of torture".
I went to the protest in Birmingham as I am sick the pathetic attempts at condemnation on the part of my government, I want the sane people of the United States to see that we stand in solidarity with them. On the whole the British people do not agree with Trump, our special relationship is with the American people, not the Trump administration.

The former US President, Barack Obama also hit out today, saying he "fundamentally disagrees" with discrimination.

I just hope the pressure is kept on Donald Trump and the worldwide voice of condemnation is heard loud and clear, and is heard even though some of us may be thousands of miles away from the White House.

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