Monday, 6 February 2017

President Trump is totally unhinged

I think we live in pretty scary times when the word 'unhinged' can be applied to the President of the United States with accuracy, and with evidence to back it up.

But after just 2 weeks in office, with each passing day, Donald Trump just adds to his portfolio of totally deluded tweets and comments.

It started this morning with the following tweet...

That's right the President is saying that "any negative polls are fake news", you don't even need to read between the lines, he's saying anything that is negative about him is fake.

But that's not all! He's always saying that the people want "extreme vetting", essentially meaning blanket discrimination, regardless of whether their is any evidence or probable cause.

Later in the day President Trump addressed personnel at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, in which he continued along his line of slamming Islam continuously.

But the part that really got me was when he accused the mainstream media of not reporting terrorist attacks, calling the press "dishonest".

He is actually suggesting the media are not reporting terrorist attacks, so they're apparently happening but we don't hear about it. This isn't just complete nonsense, it's utter delusion, on a completely different level.

Trump seems to be going down this route that the only threat to the United States and the rest of the world are Muslims from the Middle East, which is offensive and wrong.

The President failed to refer to the terror attack on a Mosque in Quebec, Canada the other week, the only logic for such an omission that I can think of, is that it was because the attacker was white, which of course goes against Trump's offensive rhetoric.

All of this activity, which has taken place over the course of barely 12 hours, goes against a backdrop of further unstable comments and activities by Trump, from unconstitutional executive orders, to slamming federal judges.

As time goes on you truly just don't know what is going to happen next or how much more into the land of crazy the Trump administration can go, the sooner this man is out of the White House the better if you ask me.

Meanwhile here in the United Kingdom, resistance to Trump is continuing, with the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, in an unprecedented move, voicing his opposition to Trump being able to address Parliament on a State Visit:

So it's not all bad, there are plenty of high profile people out there, ready to stand firmly against the US President. The unfortunate thing is one of those people is not the British Prime Minister, who seems more interested in keeping him on side, putting trade ahead of what is right.

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