Monday, 20 February 2017

Social Media: Contributing to a live event

As part of my social media masters degree course, one of the assignments this semester is to organise a social media 'event'.

I'm looking to contribute to a Facebook live event, which will take place over the course of one week, with the other people in my class.

Each person will go live on social media each day and talk about a different topic, relating to social media.

For my contribution I am looking to focus on the following:

  • Creating a profile/persona on social media focussed primarily on being an activist and political commentator.
  • Ways in which I have increased my prominence, on Twitter in particular, giving some tips as to how this has been achieved.
  • Ways to create more engagement and get the most out of content.
  • Instagram, and how content from Twitter can easily be easily re-hashed on Instagram, through things like posting Twitter post screen shots.
  • Klout score and how this has been of benefit in terms of increasing my prominence on social media.
As most of my contribution would be related to Twitter I would look to present my segment on Twitter 'live', using the Periscope app.

This will also mean I can hopefully get some of my Twitter followers watching, many of which are newly emerging activists, looking to increase the impact they have on social media.

So in a nut shell the main focus of my segment will be: Audience, Engagement and Prominence on social media.

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