Friday, 10 March 2017

George Michael's boyfriend kept in the dark about the funeral

The boyfriend of the late George Michael appears to have been left in the dark, and blocked from the singer's funeral plans.

Fadi Fawaz says he knows nothing about it after reports that the family have excluded him from any discussions about it.

He told The Sun in response to a question about when the funeral would be held: "I can't give you an answer, everything is being kept quiet."

George Michael died on Christmas Day last year.

Earlier this week tests confirmed he died of natural causes. The coroner said his death was caused by dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

The news of the actual cause of George Michael's death came after weeks of tabloid speculation, that drug use had been the cause. Which was nothing new for the tabloids, when the singer was alive they seemed to thrive off any gossip about the star. Especially if it gave them an opportunity to be homophobic.

On hearing the news of George Michael's cause of death Fawaz simply tweeted "F**K YOU", referring to the tabloid reports that had come in the wake of the former Wham! singers death.

He later posted a black and white picture of him and George during happier times.

Speaking further about George's death, Fawaz said "People can die at any age, people die at three years old, five years old, it's something we can't control can we".

He added: "This week was a relief for me, because at least I'm not doubted. And that's incredibly important for me because can you imagine how it feels that people would doubt my love for him? It's horrible".

George Michael's cousin Andros Georgiou has gone as far as to say Fadi Fawaz is banned from attending the funeral, saying: "He is not welcome, the family hate him. Heaven help him if he turned up".

Georgiou has also claimed Fawaz wasn't really George Michael's boyfriend.

The coroner has said there will be no inquest or any further enquiries into George Michael's death, and that the family have requested the media and public to respect their privacy at this time.

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