Friday, 24 March 2017

LGBT hate group blames Theresa May for the London terror attack

The anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church have said the London terror attack happened because they're banned from the UK.

Up to 40 people were injured and 4 people, including a Police officer died in the attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

The anti-gay group were quick to blame British Prime Minister Theresa May for the incident, after she banned them from the UK during her time as Home Secretary.

In one post the delusional group claims the "blood of the UK dead" is "dripping off" the hands of the PM...

As the families and friends of the victims mourn their losses, the Baptist Church has continued to exploit the incident, and use it to further their hateful agenda.

In additional messages on Twitter the group said the "Westminster attack was not God's love to the UK. Terror all around. Ezekiel 18:30. Turn from your sins for why will you die?"

"How many times have we told the UK-in spite of their bloody ban-that they'll provoke God's wrath w proud sin?"

The group has recently uploaded videos attacking the UK for introducing same sex marriage.

They have also launched a string of anti-semitic attacks on Jewish institutions, standing outside with anti-Jewish signs.

Westboro Baptists' hate against gay people has been ongoing since 1991, in the past they've also sunk as low as to target the funerals of military personnel and celebrities with protests.

To conclude this extremist organisation continues their sick targeting of LGBT people, and disrespect of the dead. They're messengers of hate, not god.

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