Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The best tweets from International Women's Day 2017

Today marks International Women's Day and I've searched Twitter to bring you some of the best tweets to mark the occasion.

This year's theme for IWD is 'Be Bold For Change' which asks us to "call on the masses or call on yourself, to help forge a better working world - a more inclusive, gender equal world."

Even if you're not a woman, I hope that you will join me in solidarity to mark this very important day.

Here are some of the best IWD 2017 tweets...

1, J.K. Rowling gets in early before the ignorance brigade starts banging on about why there apparently isn't an International Mens Day, it takes no magic for JK to point out they're factually WRONG...

2, This next tweet from Jack Williams shows the worldwide fight for equal women have faced in years gone by, and continue to face today. Much respect goes out to these brave activists!

3, MTV have decided to mark IWD in their own unique way, by simply flipping their logo upside down, so instead of "M", we have a "W" for women (though I'm sure I probably didn't need to explain that).

4, This next one from Neos Chronos features a collage of inspiring women, who have each, in their own way furthered the cause of equality...
5, And finally, this tweet draws attention to the trans community, who still have many hurdles to face in terms of equality. Let us not forget that trans women are real women, there's so much ignorance out there with regards to the trans community, which can't be tolerated.

You can find out more about International Women's Day at the official website - HERE

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