Monday, 6 March 2017

Thought provoking animations illustrate LGBT+ life in the workplace

TotalJobs have released a series of animations, which show what the workplace can be like for LGBT+ people.

In 2016, a survey by the jobs website found that 53% of trans employees, felt the need to hide their trans status at some point.

Furthermore an LGBT2020 survey found that 45% of LGBT responders were out at work.

Additionally a 2015 survey by Stonewall found 1 in 5 LGB responders said they had experienced homophobic bullying in the workplace.

You can check out the animations courtesy of TotalJobs by watching the following video...

I can certainly relate to the message which TotalJobs are trying to get across. The video above raises some astounding points, which are all too easily forgotten. Such as the reality that people could be fired from jobs just for being LGBT+, all the way up until 2003.

I've been employed with a number of different companies and each time I have had to "come out", when meeting new work colleagues. Luckily I am not part of the 1 in 5 who have experienced any homophobia directed towards me personally (though I have heard homophobic language used).

I think many who don't identify as LGBT+ underestimate how difficult having to "come out" over and over again can be. There is always the fear that someone will hold a prejudice against you, or you'll be treated differently in some way. 

I have to admit that in my early years, I didn't tend to be open about my sexuality at work. At the age of 25, and having become an LGBT+ advocate, I now feel much more comfortable and I couldn't care less, about other people's narrow minded prejudices. But it's not always that simple. 

I think it greatly depends on how long you've been "out" in a broader context, and of course the nature of the work you're involved with. As the video points out, here in the UK we do not have a single openly gay footballer. The closest we have come since Justin Fashanu was Robbie Rogers, who came out after playing for Leeds United. But he had retired from the game in the UK at that point.

TotalJobs have also released a list of 5 ways you can be an LGBT+ ally in the workplace, you can check that out - HERE.

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