Friday, 17 March 2017

UK Government won't make 'gay cure therapy' illegal

It seems the UK government won't be looking any further (or at all) into the possibility of making 'gay cure therapy' illegal.

A petition has been signed by 33,000 people asking for the process to made criminalised.

The creator of the petition, Mollie Mantle says "This therapy often includes electric shocks, counselors encouraging suicide, and damaging ideology linking LGBT identities to sexual abuse from family members in early years".

The UK government says British medical bodies already strike off anyone who practices 'gay cure' therapy, which they see as a sufficient deterrent.

Here is the full response from the Department for Health:

Of course though the government response does condemn the practice, it does not go as far as campaigners would like, in terms of making it a criminal act to offer such 'therapy'.

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