Thursday, 23 March 2017

#WeStandTogether: Defiance following the Westminster terror attack

The British Parliament is returning to business today following yesterday's terrorist attack, at the heart of our democracy in London.

Addressing the House of Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May gave a message of defiance, saying the country was "not afraid"in the face of terrorism.

Overnight six raids were carried out in London and Birmingham, resulting in eight people being arrested in connection with the Westminster investigation.

It has been confirmed that the car which was used to run down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, was rented from a branch of Enterprise Car Rental on Stratford Road in Shirley, Solihull.

Solihull is a town in the West Midlands, which neighbours Birmingham.

In total 4 innocent people were killed yesterday, along with the attacker who was shot dead by police. It is thought that 40 people were injured, many of them with "catastrophic injuries".

Tributes have been paid to the police officer who was killed, when the attacker tried to enter the Parliament building. PC Palmer was not armed, but he still put himself in danger to protect the public, and in the end sadly paid the ultimate price.

PC Keith Palmer was a husband and father, he was 48 years-old and had been a serving officer for 15 years. Before becoming a police officer he had previously served in the armed forces.

PC Keith Palmer RIP
Prayers and a minutes silence were held outside Metropolitan Police HQ, Scotland Yard, this morning in PC Palmer's honour.

The Prime Minister also recognised his bravery, as did the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, and all of the other MP's speaking in Parliament.

The Defence Minister Michael Fallon has said that Westminster security will be reviewed following yesterday's attack.

Meanwhile Brendan Cox the husband of MP Jo Cox, who was stabbed and killed last year said now was not a time for further division in our society. Referring to a lot of the far-right rhetoric which has accompanied this incident, with many yet again blaming every single Muslim and practicer of Islam for the atrocity.

Cox said: "Yesterday's killer is no more representative of Muslims, than Jo's killer representative of Yorkshire people".

I have had many heated discussions with such people since yesterday afternoon, and all the far-right are doing is playing into the hands of the terrorists. The terrorists want our society to divide and they want hate to win.

I have been accused of excusing what the terrorist did yesterday, just because I chose to defend the vast majority of Muslims in this country, who are decent, sane citizens, and had no part in yesterday's horrible act of hatred.

I stand with the victims but I also stand with those who the far-right try to persecute. Hate, whether that be the act of violence yesterday, or the racist rhetoric which proceeded it, will never win.

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