Sunday, 9 April 2017

Morgane Oger hopes to become the first openly-trans person elected to public office in Canada

Morgane Oger, candidate for the New Democratic Party, in Vancouver, Canada is hoping to become the first openly-trans person, elected to public office in Canada.

Morgane is not a career politician, having been a successful entrepreneur for many years in the high-tech sector. She is also the Chair of the trans Alliance Society and Chair of the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council.

On May 9th 2017, British Columbia goes to the polls to elect members to the Legislative Assembly.

Morgane is standing in the riding (constituency) of False Creek, where her opponent is the incumbent Sam Sullivan of the Liberal party.

The BC Liberals are completely separate from the Liberals lead by Justin Trudeau. The BC Liberals are actually to the right, rather than the left.

Morgane really does have a good chance of winning. In 2013, the Liberals got a majority of 3,000, getting a total of 11,228 to the NDP's 7,981. The Liberals do have space, but they didn't exactly win by a landslide in False Creek the last time round.

Take a listen to my full interview with Morgane, recorded following the official launch of her campaign on April 8th:

You can find Morgane on social media - Twitter / Facebook

And for more on how to support Morgane visit the website - HERE

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