Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ru Paul LEGO could become a reality!

Start your engines! Because Ru Paul's LEGO Brick Race could become a reality. Or at least I'd like to think so...

I recently came across a Twitter page which showed an image of everyones favourite queen Ru Paul in LEGO form. I got excited as I thought it was an official LEGO product.

Upon further investigation I found it's actually a project still in the very early stages, setup by a Drag Race enthusiast, who's petitioning LEGO to make a Drag Race LEGO set a reality.

Currently, close to 5,000 people have said they want to see this happen. If it manages to hit 10,000 supporters LEGO will actually consider making it happen.
The idea was dreamt up by Mark Fitzpatrick who took the time to answer a few questions about his hopes for the project...

What made you decide that the universe of Ru Paul's drag race should be brought to life in Lego?

I've wanted to submit a project idea for some time and of all the ideas whirling around in my mind, the qualities that made me pick RuPaul's Drag Race are the colour, creativity, whimsy and individuality that RuPaul and contestants on her show exude. 

These qualities match the LEGO universe well and I wanted to see if I could find a way to blend these two pop culture icons.

I know you need 10,000 signatures for it to get to Lego for considerations, do you think we will be seeing Lego Drag Race in stores anytime in the future?

LEGO is a wonderful company and they've made great progress in recent years in diversifying their product range. I know that if there is a toymaker in the world who will be prepared to evaluate this idea on it's merits, it's those wonderful folk in Denmark.

That said, I know that it's entirely possible that even if the set reaches 10,000 votes, the LEGO company might not select this idea for production (for any number of logistical reasons that might rule it out) - but just getting this set to the official review stage sends a positive signal to the LEGO company that there is interest in diverse toys and the representation of LGBTQIA lives in LEGO land. I think that's worth getting behind, regardless of the outcome for this specific project.

Why is it important to have more LGBT+ recognition in the main stream, whether that be on television or films, or indeed through the idea you're proposing?

It's been said that you can't be what you can't see and that visibility equals representation.It also feels like we're increasingly interested in representations of gender in the toy aisles of the world. I think there's something exciting about the idea that young folks who are interested in dressing up, makeup, colourful characters could play with toys like this proposed set.

A number of admirers of this project have contacted me to express their delight with the set design and have elaborated that they would have loved toys like this when they were younger which has been a lovely response.

How awesome do you think it would be to have 'Lego Drag Race' the game for PS4, Xbox One etc? 

SUPER awesome! Many people have commented that they'd like to play a LEGO Dimensions RuPaul expansion level and I agree it would a lot of fun!

A massive thanks goes out to Mark for taking the time to speak to me.

Ru Paul and Michelle Visage have both tweeted about the project in the past, so it has their seal of approval. Lets hope it gets the same from LEGO...

If you want to support this initiative - CLICK HERE

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