Saturday, 1 July 2017

China takes steps to ban LGBT+ content online

Reports from the IB Times suggest that China wants to ban LGBT+ content from the internet.

The China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) describes the newly announced ban, as one on so called "abnormal sexual behaviour".

Apparently videos containing terrorism (fair enough), superstition (bit silly) and homosexuality (just plain ridiculous), are now banned, and streaming services have been told to remove them.

But this is by no means the first time China has launched this kind of attack on LGBT+ people:

Last year the Chinese government attempted to stop portrayals of LGBT+ people on television, calling the portrayals "immoral, vulgar, and unhealthy".

The Chinese LGBT Magazine has been among the first to condemn the banning of online content, saying it adds to the prejudice and discrimination already faced by LGBT+ people in the country.

There had been signs of progress in Asia earlier this year, with Taiwan becoming the first country in the region to rule in favour of same sex marriage.

Lets hope these reports of internet censorship coming out of China are more FINAL attempts to discriminate against the LGBT+ community, and that more forward steps are being made, compared to backward steps.

A study last year seemed to suggest that public opposition to LGBT people was softening in China.

The United Nations Development Programme conducted a survey, with only 30% of respondents stating they would not accept a child who was lesbian, gay or bisexual.

However it was also found that only 15% of LGBT respondents said they were 'out' to friends and families, and only 5% said they were publicly 'out', so there is a lot of work to be done in terms of LGBT progress in China.

You can view the full report on LGBT+ attitudes in China from the UNDP online - HERE

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