Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Chinese court rules against so called "gay cure" therapy

A Chinese court, has for the first time, made a ruling against the harmful practice of so called "gay cure" therapy.

Last week a court in China heard how a man had been forced into the "therapy" by a public hospital in the country.

The man was admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Henan Province by his wife, forced to take medication, and given injections.

It's the first time a court has ruled against a public institution in relation to these matters.

The court has decided that the Zhumandian Hospital must apologise to the man publicly in a local newspaper, and he will receive 5,000 RMB (approximately $375 in compensation).

The courts decision seems to be based more on the fact the man was admitted against his will, rather than the specific nature of the "treatment".

China decriminalised homosexuality in 1997 and the Chinese Society of Psychiatry declassified homosexuality as a mental illness in 2001.

Though it's positive that the court ruled against the hospital it comes against the back drop, of further censoring of LGBT+ communities in China.

Recently it was reported that the government had made moves to block content featuring LGBT+ people from being viewed online. You can read that report - HERE.

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