Friday, 7 July 2017

Duncan James says coming out was the best thing he ever did

Blue singer Duncan James has said coming out was the best thing he ever did.

He appeared on Loose Women this week, talking about playing a bisexual character on the TV Soap, 'Hollyoaks'.

On coming out in real life he said he felt he'd been "living a lie" before he made the decision to come out as gay.

James said he was worried, but once he came out he was relieved by the reaction he got from his friends and family.

He said: "We're living in 2017 now and it shouldn't be a problem. To be honest it was something I didn't feel comfortable sharing with the world, but I thought doing a story was the right thing to do"

"After years of hiding the secret inside me I wanted to be who I am and I wanted acceptance. I carried this burden on my shoulders for years, I was worried about what the fans would think, family and friends, and I was living a lie really".

Duncan James came out as gay in 2012, and originally said that he feared suffering harassment because of his decision. He originally came out as bisexual in an interview in 2009:
James had been in a secret same sex relationship for four years before he came out.

My thoughts:

I can certainly relate to James' story, apart from being lucky enough to have a four year relationship! But I can certainly relate in terms of the perceived reaction he thought he would get.

I was scared (nowhere near straight) before I came out, I was preparing to find somewhere else to live (I was living with my parents), and all of this insane stuff.

When I actually came out I was greeted with nothing but love from my friends and family, and it was an instant weight off my shoulders. So I feel lucky in that sense.

But that's not by all means every experience, sadly some who come out still face discrimination and disownment in some tragic circumstances.

Good thing is, if that does happen to you, you've got an entire community of people around the world, to stand with you in solidarity.

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