Friday, 21 July 2017

Lifelong LGBT advocate becomes President of the U.K. Supreme Court

Downing Street has announced that Baroness Hale of Richmond, will become the new Supreme Court president in the U.K, the first woman to hold the position.

It means the long time gay rights supporter will become the UK's top judge.

The 72 year-old has been controversial during her law career, having always supported same sex adoption rights and equal marriage.

The Daily Mail called her a "militant feminist"! And to me you're doing something right if the Daily Mail is "trying" (and failing) to make you look bad.

Baroness Hale is a family law expert, who began vocally supporting same sex marriage nearly a decade before it was signed into law in 2013.

Speaking in 2005, when she was serving as the first female law lord, Hale said: "If people want both the privileges and the responsibilities of marriage, I do not see why we should deny it to them".

A remark which was made regarding civil partnerships, which Hale said was marriage, in almost all but name.

Baroness Hale has also made a lot of sense when it comes to making her points clear about LGBT adoption rights: 

"I see no reason why lesbian parents should not both regard themselves as mothers, or gay parents both regard themselves as fathers".

It's nice to see Downing Street have at least done something right!

I'm sure LGBT+ people in the U.K. will be pleased to see such a vocal ally taking on such a high profile role.

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