Sunday, 30 July 2017

Poll finds that 58% of Americans support transgender troops

A poll published by the Reuters news agency and Ipsos has found that 58% of Americans support the right of transgender people, to serve in the U.S. military.

The poll was undertaken from July 26th until July 28th and shows the majority disagree with Donald Trump on the issue.

Only 27% said they shouldn't be allowed to openly serve, and the rest said that they didn't know.

Unsurprisingly Democrats were more likely to support trans troops, whilst Republicans were more evenly split on the issue.

Meanwhile 38% of respondents said they believe not allowing trans service members would have a negative impact on morale.

It comes after the shocking and callous announcement made by President Trump earlier this week, when he declared that trans troops would not be allowed to serve.

He said on Twitter that victory was too important for it to be "burdened" with trans people.
Trump's actions rolled back measures brought in by the Obama Administration last year, which allowed trans people to openly serve for the first time.

During the election campaign Trump said he would "protect the LGBT community", but as usual what comes out of his mouth can never be trusted.

The reason given by Trump was that it was costing the Department of Defence too much in medical costs, for things like gender reassignment.

It later emerged that the military was actually spending five times more on viagra, than it was on anything related to transgender service members.

It seems the Pentagon was just as shocked by the announcement. Generals said on Friday that they had no idea it was going to happen, and had not received any guidance on the matter.

Meanwhile activists have taken to the streets and to social media, declaring "trans people are not a burden", adding that the real burden is the Trump administration.

Lets face it Trump is desperate to get attention away from his Presidency - which is in disarray.

It seems every week another scandal crops up, which usually results in a firing or resignation, this week it was the turn of Reince Priebus, now the former White House Chief of Staff.

On the LGBT+ front, rights organisations are urging everyone to be vigilant.

This coming week there are fears Trump might allow increased religious freedom laws, which would allow for further discrimination of LGBT's.

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