Saturday, 22 July 2017

Poll says the majority of Australian Christians are in favour of same sex marriage

A poll released by 'Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Australia' has found 54% are in favour of same sex marriage.

It was released earlier this week, and found that 77% would support a free vote on the matter in the Australian Parliament.

Current right wing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has blocked a free vote despite public support for one to be held.

Maybe Mr. Turnbull should take a page out of Angela Merkel's book!

In June, Merkel paved the way for a free vote on same sex marriage in the German Parliament, despite not personally agreeing with equal marriage.

It resulted in Germany passing the motion and soon same sex couples will be able to marry in the country, despite Merkel voting against the measure.

Returning to the poll: when participants were asked if they wanted conservative religious groups, to speak for all Christians on the issue, 61% rejected the idea.

Spokesperson for PFLAG Shelly Argent said: "With Australian Christians so conclusively behind marriage equality, it's time for the politicians to have a free vote and get this done".

Argent added: "Politicians should stop paying so much attention to conservative Christian advocacy organisations, which a majority of Christians feel don't represent them".

"As a mother, I want my gay son to have the same rights and responsibilities as his brother".

It may just be a matter of time before Turnbull's hand is forced on same sex marriage, with rebels within his own party in support of a free vote.

A recent poll also found the party could suffer and lose votes if it doesn't budge on the issue, with some saying they would vote for a different party.

Across Australia support for a free vote in Parliament stands at 73% across the country.

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