Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Australian TV presenter asks "Why are we stopping people from loving each other?"

An Australian TV presenter has summed up how ridiculous government stalling on same sex marriage really is.

It comes after the Australian Parliament voted to block a free vote on the matter.

That's despite the majority of MP's supporting equal marriage, and the majority of the Australian public supporting it.

Today Presenter Karl Stefanovic began by saying: "A non binding, non-compulsory postal vote is complete BS."

Referring to plans for a plebiscite, which would allow the public a vote on same sex marriage, but the government would be under no legal obligation to carry out the decision.

Stefanovic went on the say:

"In my opinion there have been far too many column inches, far too much airtime, far too much taxpayer money wasted on an issue I believe should be decided in Parliament."

"Let's get on with it....Let's look at this simply confidently and compassionately. Why are we stopping people from loving each other? In a world where we should be celebrating love over hate, this decision is a no-brainer."

"Two people who want to share their lives together, love the big events as a union, and the small moments in life."

"Vote in Parliament and say yes to gay marriage, and lets live happily ever after."

You can view the full video - HERE

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