Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Satire and Social Media research study - Participants needed!

As part of my final University project for my Social Media masters degree, I am doing a research study about the impact of satire on social media.

The project discusses topics from memes to GIFs and how this is contributing to political debate around the world.

And I need your help with it!

You don't need to be a political expert, social media expert, or have background knowledge on social media practices, you just need to be a user of social media!

Who am I looking for?

Anyone under the age of 40 who uses social media, in particular Twitter.

(I'm not being ageist, the project just has to focus on a particular age range otherwise the findings would be too broad)

What will it involve?

Two one hour interviews with myself, this can be over the phone or via Skype (or any other communication platform, you call the shots).

What happens after?

I will collate the findings and they will make up my primary research for my final dissertation project.

Who will see it?

Me, my tutors and potentially external examiners. The project may be published online, but if you want you can remain completely anonymous.

Can I have a copy of the finished project?


If you're interested please drop me an email -


Sam Willey.

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