I have always been politically minded from a young age and hold strong views politically. I am a member of the Liberal Democrats, but I like to have opinions not directly associated and in some cases different from that of the party line. I joined the party as they're the one's who most closely reflect my views.

I see myself as a left wing internationalist with strong feelings when it comes to human rights and standing up for minorities.

I want the World to be a better place and I think in order to achieve this countries should be outward looking and not isolationist. By isolating ourselves we pray into the hands of terrorist organisations who seek to divide us.

Having these views in an increasingly hard right wing political landscape is difficult, but I think the left is due for a political rise in the coming years, as more and more people see through the politics of fear.

Brexit in the UK and Trump in the US punctuate the rise of the right, two campaigns with prayed on people's fears, using terrorism and fear of immigrants/refugees to polarise the public and prompt them to essentially "panic vote".

Here are some political views I hold:

  • Against military action when not completely necessary or to further the agenda of Western governments.
  • For tackling the unfair stigma which is placed on refugees fleeing conflict in countries such as Syria, especially unaccompanied children who need urgent help, the current Conservative government have been too slow to act.
  • For assisted suicide as a means of individuals who want to end their life being able to do so with dignity.
  • For the UK remaining a part of the European Union or if Brexit does occur, remaining in the single market.
  • For safeguarding the rights of minorities such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans gender community.
  • For LGBT+ to be added to sexual health education in schools.
  • For stamping out tax evasion and avoidance by the wealthiest in society.
  • For getting Donald J Trump out of office as quickly as possible.
I tend to post most of my political opinion on Twitter, using this websites blog function in order to expand on my points.

(Page last updated November 10th 2016)

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